สถานะของสินค้า : มีสินค้า

675 บาท
Height 18 cm


・This is a love comedy novel which has been printed for more than 1.2 million copies in total.
・It continues to be selected as the Top 10 “Takarajimasha This Light Novel is Amazing!” for the fifth consecutive year and it was chosen as "Achieving No.1 with the support of high school generation" in 2019, proving its popularity among young people.
・It ranked 4th place in the Comment Division of “Initial Velocity” Ranking on the first episode of new anime broadcasted since January 2021 on “Abema TV”. It still shows a strong presence even among all anime of winter 2021 which is called “Good Harvest”.

・One of the main characters “Aoi Hinami” will be turned into a figure! After that, Minami Nanami will be released in August while Fuka Kikuchi in September!

・The official illustration is three-dimensionalized. (The same illustration used for the Namco exclusive Big Acrylic Stand released in February)
・Extra attention is paid on making each single hair flutters.
・The official Twitter of the anime has over 50 thousand followers.