สถานะของสินค้า : มีสินค้า

675 บาท
Height 20 cm


【Original Work】
・The whole series has been printed for more than 24 million copies in total.
・Voted as rank 12 in the Standalone Novel section of “Takarajimasha This Light Novel is Amazing! 2021”, it has been serialized for more than 6 years (starting from May 2014), maintaining high popularity!

【TV Anime】
・Season 2 of the TV anime main story will be broadcast from January to March /July to September 2021.
・The spin-off anime “The Slime Diaries” will be broadcast from April to June 2021!
・The second PV released on February 19 has already gained around 150 thousands views!
・There are in total 5 spin-off works, portraying the “variety” of the characters from “The Slime Diaries with different angles and drawing styles. Fans will find the stories very familiar.

Along with Rimuru in the Demon Lord costume, which became a hot topic when the teaser site for the second season of the TV anime opened, his companions also appeared in black clothes.
This time, Shuna the princess of the Ogre tribe who is especially popular among the companions is introduced.
In the character popularity poll conducted on Niconico Seiga in December 2018, she ranked in 3rd place after Rimuru in 1st place and Great Sage in 2nd place.

In order to reproduce her intelligent and lovely image, extra effort is paid on the modeling of her flowing light pink hair and the pose with both hands extended forward which shifts the center of gravity a little, creating a sense of true cuteness and elegance that you can feel even through her fingertips.